8: A Conversation with Binghamton’s American Civic Association

Hussein Adams: ACA CEO and Executive Director
Dr. Kent Schull

ACA Board of Directors President

This episode features an interview with an organization that makes the ideals of democracy in the U.S. work for its residents, the American Civic Association!

Coleen sits down with Executive Director and CEO of the ACA, Hussein Adams, and President of the ACA Board of Directors, Kent Schull. Adams and Schull explain the American Civic Association’s work to help immigrants and refugees in the U.S. access legal resources, acclimate to life in the U.S. and New York community, and foster awareness of the ethnic diversity and immigrant experience of the Binghamton area.

Of course, we also talk about how this work is vital to a modern pluralistic democracy and the continuing hopes of people who come to the U.S. to forge a democratic life of their own.

Note: Because the ACA is such a busy organization and always doing amazing work, there is quite a lot of background noise in this recording. We tried to remove much of that background noise in post-production but couldn’t get all of it out.

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