Community Partners

Check out the community partners that support The Wisdom of the People, and help strengthen our democratic life!

The American Civic Association

The American Civic Association is a nonprofit organization that is committed to helping immigrants and refugees start a new life in our community while preserving their ethnic and cultural diversity.

The American Civic Association has been dedicated to its mission of helping immigrants and refugees and building bridges of understanding between foreign- and native-born communities since 1939.

Broome County Public Libraries

The Broome County Public Library is committed to freedom of information and the development of facilities, programs, services and collections responsive to community needs. We believe the community is best served by a library that is visible and involved. We will promote continued professional development for our staff so that public confidence and trust can be maintained. We believe that high quality and cost effectiveness require teamwork among our creative and competent staff, volunteers, and Board of Trustees. Our team will strive to create a comfortable atmosphere conducive to educational, informational, cultural, and recreational pursuits.

League of Women Voters of Broome & Tioga Counties

A nonpartisan voter advocacy & education organization dedicated to the constituents and issues of Broome & Tioga Counties, New York State and the US as a whole.

Binghamton University Center for Civic Engagement

The Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) cultivates partnerships that strengthen communities and develop active and engaged citizens.